Article...Tips for Tots

Article...Tips for Tots
A Bounty of Baby Hints for You

Bottled Hints...When cleaning bottles in your sterilizer, place some marbles in the sterilizer. They'll gather a lot of the corrosion.

To free baby bottles from mineral deposits, add lemon juice to the water when boiling the bottles.

Make a baby -bottle holder from a six-pack cardboard soft drink container. Very convenient when traveling. Wrap aluminum foil around glass bottles to keep them warm while baby's feeding.

Rub A Dub Dub, Baby And The Tub...Put a small piece of soap into a cotton sock and tie the end. Perfect for small hands and it won't slip away!

Keep those bath toys organized by placing them in a plastic bicycle basket. You can slip the little hooks over the side of the tub or soap dish and the water will just drain from the basket into the bathtub!

Teething...Stale bread is the perfect thing for your little one to chew on.

Bedtime Stories...When baby is up for his night feedings turn a heating pad on warm and place it under the mattress. Remove the heating pad before returning the baby to his warm bed. He will settle down much more quickly.

Cribs to Beds...Your child is graduating from his crib to a bed. Put his crib mattress on the floor next to his bed. If your child accidentally falls out, he won't be hurt.

Baby Noisemaker...Here's something that'll keep baby amused for ages. Wrap several crumpled pieces of cellophane paper in a cloth napkin. Secure the corners by knotting them tightly. Baby will love the crinkly sound the cellophane makes.

Diaper Rash...Try sprinkling a little cornstarch on the rash. They say it gently soothes sore bottoms.

Baby Powering...Instead of sprinkling power on baby from a container, use a power puff. Baby will love the attention! Baby Spit-Ups...Soda water will remove the odor caused by baby's spit-ups. Gently rub the area with a cloth dampened with soda water.

Sleeper Stretchers...Here's a money-saving tip. If your child is growing out of the sleepers too quickly, simply cut the feet off the sleepers and sew on a pair of socks, preferably the type with rubberized soles.

Thank You Photos...Instead of just sending a thank you note for a baby gift, take a snapshot of baby playing with or wearing the gift and send that along with the note. It'll be really appreciated!

If you have enjoyed these little ideas, please send me an e mail to let me know. I will begin to add more as time goes along. **This information is from Haley's Hints