Baby Couture

Baby Couture
Luca Soussan was born on the 23rd of September in 2002. Shortly after his birth, Luca was diagnosed with a skin condition commonly known as Eczema. Due to his condition, his father, Serge Soussan, who has been in the textile and garment business for over 20 years, was inspired to develop a line of hypoallergenic fabrics to accomodate Luca and others who share the same condition. Hence, a new product line called "My Blankee" was born.

My Blankee's first product was a version of the widely known security blanket. It featured a unique back pocket design that made it stand out from other baby blankets at the time. The My Blankee security blanket made its first appearance at the Cedars Sinai Lactation Center in Los Angeles, before finding its way to neighboring hospitals and retail establishments.

Within a short period of time, My Blankee has become known for a variety of plush blankets that offer unique textures and a luxurious, soft touch. But blankets are not the only things offered, My Blankee has also developed other silky, soft products like robes, hooded towels, bedding and car seat covers.

My Blankee is located in downtown Los Angeles, California serving a clientele that includes many celebrities and has established good distribution to both retail and wholesale dealers.

We are proud at Sunflower Lane to be able to carry such a line of products as these!