Benjamin Plush Frog

Benjamin Plush Frog
Item# sumbo-benjamin

Product Description

Benjamin is a soft and cuddly plush yellow frog made with certifed organic and natural cotton. 14 in

Each miYim collectible is not only a present, but also a gift of something greater than ourselves; it is a belief in the heart of the organic movement, as well as its luxuriousness. Each miYim collectible is housed in our signature display box, great for presenting one of your favorites to a friend. A convenient gift tag allows you to personalize each collectible and share miYim’s message of organic awareness.

Bring miYim into the world of a little one to color their life with something that you feel good about.


Our natural brown box contrasts the herbal colors of our miYim collectibles. Special touches like maroon accents, logo treatments and our “organic toy” ribbon make the natural case decorative and sophisticated. Choose your favorite plush companion to bring home to your little one.


Our natural organic toy ribbon ties your collectible safe inside its box for travel. Once it arrives, untie the magic and personalize a gift with the signature gift tag on each collectible.

The toy can be removed from the box for hours of enjoyment and placed back inside for perfect display.

All parts of this toy are manufactured in South Korea.

A portion of the proceeds from every sale of a MiYim's organic baby products will be used to benefit children's and wildlife charities, both in the United States and abroad.