Eaz-Z-Wraps-Organic Blanket

Eaz-Z-Wraps-Organic Blanket
These blankets were first created when I wanted a comfortable blanket to wrap my son in. It was frustrating that all the receiving blankets were too small to bundle him as demonstrated by the hospital. After my sons were born, I started making blankets for them. Soon they became presents, and very soon after that friends were asking where they could get one, or if I would make one for them. When I found out I was having twins, I knew that I needed a multipurpose blanket for them. Eaz-Z Wraps developed - a cotton blanket large enough to wrap one, two, or three babies. Not just a baby blanket, but a blanket that your child can grow with. The ribbons on the sides make this blanket not only a warm cozy wrap, but will keep your babies entertained too. This is a fun everyday blanket, and yet it is large enough for a toddler.

This is the first all in one blanket!

This Organic All In One Blanket is designed to be used from birth until five years old.

At almost 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide , the All In One Blankets can be used for years as your child grows. It is also the perfect nursing blanket.

Available in 15 colors, and a smaller version. This is also machine washable.

The perfect blanket for all babies!