My Gift Registry

 My Gift Registry
For the expectant mom to be: You should plan well ahead. You cannot leave it to memory, and think that you will be fine when the time comes. Once you know that you have a little one on the way you should be starting to think of things you might need. Read articles, talk to new moms and read books. This will only help you choose products that everyone is happy with.

Make a list of all the essential baby items you will need. You donít have to go out purchasing anything right now, but it should at least be in your mind. As the months roll on, your list should grow and perhaps you can start to cross things off as parents and friends offer to purchase this and that for your baby shower.

You have lots to think about amid everything that is happening at this time, and here is where the first advantage of using an online baby store becomes apparent to you. Go online and check out Ė you donít have to buy anything, just browse through the pages. Get your list if you have started it, or a pen and some paper if you havenít, and make a note of all the essential baby items you see: crib bedding, nursery decor, baby care products, baby bottles, carriers, diapers . . .

Visit Mom's Layette Checklist  to see some of the items to begin your list.

Baby Shower Itís not even necessary to know the gender of the baby if you stick with traditional gifts. Just buy neutral colors, and your gift will be suitable for either a boy or a girl. If you want to buy clothes, for example, buying something with the logo of the parentsí favorite sports team is cute for either sex. In addition, itís often nice to purchase clothing in sizes larger than newborn as the parents will probably receive a lot of newborn clothing but then will soon need larger sizes.

If the shower youíre attending has a theme, youíll want to look for gifts that will fit in with that theme. One super idea for any shower is for you to make a scrapbook for the mother-to-be. Include photos and stories of times youíve spent together. You can also decorate additional pages so that the new parents will be able to add pictures of the shower, the birth, and taking the baby home. Let your creativity juices run wild!

Another idea would be to select a group of gifts that will be appropriate for the babyís first time doing things. For example, you might get the supplies that will be needed for the babyís first bath. Since a babyís first year is full of "firsts", you can come up with a lot of ideas to fit this theme. For example, buying a tiny pair of running shoes can signify babyís first steps. By choosing "firsts" that will be coming up later on, like a small toothbrush to commemorate a first tooth, youíll give the mother something that will be special when that time arrives.