Try Me - Introductory Package-One Time Only

Try Me - Introductory Package-One Time Only
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Product Description

Introductory Package

For $33.00 USD we will send you our #1 Best seller...the ECONAPPI, a wet bag,hemp doublers for extra needed absorbency. (a regular $49.00 USD value.)

All shipping and handling costs are included in this one special price, limit one per customer.USA only, excluding Hawaii, Alaska

This Introductory Package is shipped with 1 Butter Snaps Econappi Diaper, 1 hemp doubler Liner and 1 wet bag.

1. Econappi-1 diaper. 2 styles. 3 sizes.

It's a one size diaper made with a waterproof outer layer of PUL and an inner layer of organic cotton velour. It comes with a one-size insert made with organic cotton velour and hemp. Made in both snap and hook & loop closures.

The pocket opening in the back allows you to use it as a pocket diaper.

You can also use it as an All-In-Two diaper by just laying the insert on top of the diaper. If the diaper isn't soiled, just change the insert and reuse the diaper.

2. Hemp Doubler-A one size hemp doubler made with 4 layers of organic cotton/hemp fleece. 13 inches long and 3.5 inches wide, it fits perfectly in between our hemp inserts, or underneath the quick-dry soakers of our fitted diapers. Expect some shrinkage in length.

Doublers are used to boost the absorbency of your pocket inserts, fitted diapers or prefolds. Because these doublers are not wide and long enough, they are not meant to be used alone as inserts in pocket diapers.

3. Wet Bag -This is a waterproof bag to keep your wet and/or soiled diapers in while you're out and about. Elastic drawstring secures the bag shut. This bag can accommodate 4-5 diapers