Review of The Plush Pad, my favorite diaper changing pad!

Review of The Plush Pad, my favorite diaper changing pad!

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The Plush Pad, my favorite diaper changing pad!

February 11th, 2008

Ah Goo BabyMy first Daily Dish review of Ah Goo Baby’s Plush Pad was in August, 2007. I received the Vintage Plush Pad for review and wrote how it was “truly the most scrumptious changing pad out there.” After six months I still feel the same way!

Ah Goo BabyThe Plush Pad turned the hope chest in our bedroom into a second changing table, which we needed while our then newborn slept in our room for the first few months. We didn’t want to wake her older brother, not quite two at the time, to change her diaper at night or during his nap time so we placed the Plush Pad on the hope chest. With its super soft boutique fabric (water resistant and washable) and its high-density memory foam pillow (covered in water-resistant taslin fabric), it still looks brand new even after six months. No, she’s no longer in our room but her big brother is until she gets used to sleeping in a crib–and no longer wakes up at night (ha, ha). The Plush Pad is still as cushy as ever and still just as plush.

Ah Goo BabyAh Goo Baby recently added three new styles to its current line: Lagoon Paradise, Spa, and Vintage in Blue. I’ve seen the Spa up close and the colors are just as yummy as the Pad is Plush! I just might turn my computer desk into changing station number three since it seems all I do these days is change diapers! Another thing I love about Ah Goo Baby’s Plush Pad is how perfect it is for travel. When we headed to St. George over Thanksgiving I threw this in the car and turned the extra long bathroom counter into a temporary changing table. Opened it’s 2 feet x 2 feet square, but rolled up and easily snapped into its cylindrical patented design it’s 3 inches x 10 inches (the perfect size for keeping your kids in line while driving–totally kidding!).

Whether you need a second changing station at home (or even a first) or would like to give one to Grandma for family visits, Ah Goo Baby’s Plush Pad is the way to go. As the site says, it’s “Style meets practical. Baby meets plush.” And it’s simply perfect! –Emily

Different Way The Plush Pad® Can Be Used:


·         Leave it open for weeks at a time as a changing station during hotel stays or other travels;

·         Use it as a second permanent changing station elsewhere in the home;

·         Get the grandparents to pick one up for when they watch the grandkids; 

·         Toss it in the back of the stroller;

·         Leave it in the back of the car for a quick change while on the road;

·         Take it to beach or park, so baby can lounge on a soft and cozy surface.


Unique features of The Plush Pad®:


·         The only portable station that is as comfortable as the changing stations in the nursery;

·         A soothing memory foam cushion that relaxes the baby by molding to his curves and relieving her tiny pressure points; 

·         Makes diaper changing on-the-go a much more pleasurable experience for mom and dad - baby will relish the experience of being changed;

·         Machine washable and water-repellent. Wash the cover much like a pillowcase whenever it gets soiled (but as with any pillow, the memory foam insert needs be removed prior to washing);

·         Ultra luxurious fabrics with washing durability consistent with high quality bedding;

·         Ultimate portability to easily fit in one’s diaper bag, suitcase, or to store away when not being used (patented design is approximately 2 ft x 2 ft when opened and approximately 3 inch x 10 inch cylinder when rolled);

·         The unique capability to roll open on its own with the help of the expanding memory foam – no need to fiddle;

·         Plenty of wiggle room for the baby (yet still conforms to public changing facilities).